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Goals and strategy of the company

Development strategy

Competition is possible only with continuous development and improvement. The analysts of our company have drawn up and established a development plan for the coming year, which will allow us to expand the scope of activities and coverage of the services provided. The development plan included the opening of new offices, going beyond the European market, partnership with companies and agencies.


Company creation

Market research and company creation


Active development

Cooperation and search for specialists


Launch of investment platform

Online investment platform successfully launched

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How it works


Sign up and fill in your wallets. The process takes just a few minutes.



Choose a plan that suits you, choose an amount and make an investment.



From the work we do, we give you a percentage, according to the chosen plan.



As soon as the time of your plan has expired, you can withdraw your profit.


About us

Forex-Trades is a team of professional analysts and players in the crypto currency & forex market, which has hundreds of instruments in its assets for profit in the financial markets, including crypto currency. The main distinguishing feature of our company from competitors is the presence of its own unique trading strategies on crypto currency exchanges such as Forex Market, Binance, Poloniex, BitFinex and others. Our analysts in real time analyze more than the initial 150 parameters to make a decision on the purchase or sale of a financial asset for maximum profit. The main difference between our company and competitors is the so-called hourly breakdown of trading time, that is, each new hour of trading time is a reporting one for our company and we take profit for each period of time.
In March 2019, the management of our company decided to enter the private investment market in order to maintain the short-term liquidity of our assets as part of mutually beneficial cooperation with each of our customers.Within the framework of this program, our company has developed 4 balanced tariff plans, which imply hourly accrual of profit to our investors, depending on the amount of investments.
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